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Dallas Adams delivers a raw and emotional presentation describing a workplace accident's impact on family, friends and work colleagues. 

With his experience in the industry, he describes the tragic accidents of his only brother in 2004 in a mining accident and his father in 2017 who was struck by a pressurized water pipe while maintaining a water treatment plant on a major tunnelling project in Sydney. 

Although he expresses his pain by demonstrating how he believed the accidents played out his intentions are clear.

If we can learn from this and understand the importance of safe work practices the industry will be better off.

Our Team


Jess LeLievre

Lead Manager

Jess graduated from Curtain University W.A Australia in Nursing. She has decided to help support her husband Dallas' endeavour of presenting and also highlight the importance of safety in the Tunnelling, Mining and Construction industries by introducing the VR world into the training curriculum. She specialises in a range of software development skills including, 3D Modelling Software (Blender) and, Fabrication Design and Development.


Dallas Adams

Founder & Pincipal

Dallas Adams began his career in Western Australia as an underground miner 28 years ago with his late father, Jimmy Adams. After six years mining and a 2 year stint overseas Both Dallas and his wife Jess moved to Sydney NSW in 2003 where he transitioned into underground construction (tunnelling) before another move to Brisbane Qld to start an electrical trade. After losing his brother and father in tragic work accidents he made it clear that he does not want others to feel his pain. In 2017, Dallas built his company, DC Adams Group - Why Safety Matters, he began travelling across domestic and international waters and delivering a raw and emotional presentation describing a workplace accident's impact on family, friends and work colleagues.


Jasmine Le Lievre - Adams

Lead Designer

After graduating High School in 2021 from Cannon Hill Anglican College, Jasmine has begun attending University at the University of Queensland, studying for a Bachelor of Design (Fashion). Her role as a lead designer for Why Safety Matters was because it allowed her to develop her design skills and be part of her Father's journey in spreading awareness for workplace safety.

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