• The legacy of your father and brother, through your presentation, will save lives.

  • It was a very powerful presentation. Like no other safety talk I’ve ever had before. Usually, safety talks are long boring chats about statistics that bore people to tears. This medium was a raw emotional real-life story that had grown men rubbing tears from their eyes. 

  • I am from the old school ways; I have 37years in the civil construction industry. Your presentation gave me a swift kick in the bum, for getting complacent in my work. It is a perfect message, your Brother and your Dad would be very proud of you, to think one voice can save many lives you are a credit to your family thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, I say us because I was there with my son sitting beside me taking it all in. Thank you ...

  • You made the presentation personal; you are a true hero by having the courage to tell your story to make sure people stop and think about what they are doing. I don’t think there is much I can say you need to improve on as you express the fact that EVERYONE needs to watch out for each other.

  •  Messages like your presentation can only help, keep up what you're doing. I know of several people that have listened to you who have said they have changed the way they work, take their time with planning to make sure things are safer as they may not have done before listening to you.

DC Adams Group has joined with XRJV-Training to create Virtual Reality safety training

by submerging an individual into a virtual scenario programme and by recreating any environment, maximizing their learning capacity without putting the individual at any danger.  



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